Baby Einstein - Bendy Ball


Play, rattle and roll! The colourful Baby Einstein Bendy Ball is flexible and includes sections that allow you to mix and match red, blue, yellow and green. Perfect for little hands to grasp. Includes a rattle inside for baby to shake. 10.2cm diameter This toy has also been evaluated by National Lekotek Centre, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to making the world accessible to children of all abilities. Lekotek offers the following additional information: Play, rattle and roll! Colourful and flexible, this 4"-diameter ball inspires interest, stimulates the senses and fosters beginning social interaction. The visual appeal combined with the auditory input from the concealed rattle encourages children to pick up the ball and explore the brightly coloured sections. In addition, the easy-to-grasp design allows children to lace their fingers through the holes or hold it with two hands. The Bendy Ball provides an entertaining way to motivate continued play and learning!