Baby Wisp - Small Snap Ribbon Clips 6pk - Autumn


Beautiful, simple Ribbon hairclips for fine toddler hair! These cute barrettes hold back fine wispy hair. Non patterned solid grosgrain ribbon covered snap clip barrettes for thin hair. Snap clips wrapped in different color ribbons. No patterns for those looking for simple and basic ribbon covered clips to hold back fly aways ! Perfect for sweeping that fringe away!

Ribbon lined small snap clips are about 30 mm long. Lead-tested stainless steel clips that slide in and snap shut like barrettes. We only use non-toxic glues and all our edges are heat sealed to prevent fraying. Looks best on ages 3 to 24 months.

♥All Bows are made of high quality grosgrain ribbon

♥ Attached to our 30 mm stainless steel ribbon wrapped snap clip. 

♥ Bows are glued onto the clips with non toxic glue.

♥ All Ribbon ends are heat sealed so they won't fray.

♥ Our snap clips are lead tested to be lead, cadmium and mercury free.

Each set includes 6 small snap clips.

Ivory, Coral, Pumpkin Sprice, Nutmeg, Forest Green, Black