Flapjacks - Kids Sun Hat - Lion/Sloth


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Flapjacks Kids Sun Hat - Lion / Sloth

Maximum sun protection and beautiful design is what we do best!

Flapjack's reversible, UPF 50+ kids sun hats offer 99% protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Made of super soft 100% cotton, our fun designs and fabulous embroidery and patchwork details are sure to turn heads! Reversible chin straps (for small and medium sizes) keep the FlapJackKids hat secure on your child's head, even on windy days. Older kids are happy to be chin strap free! What's not to love?


2-in-1 reversible kids bucket sun hat design

Reversible chin straps that feed through eyelets (small and medium sizes only)

100% cotton

UPF 50+  


Small: 6 mo-2 yrs (20" circumference)

Medium: 2-4 yrs (21" circumference)

Large: 4-6+ yrs (22" circumference)


Side 1:

Embroidered image: Lion

Embroidered text: “Wild Child”

Sun hat colour: Green

Side 2:

Embroidered image: Sloth

Embroidered text: “Don't hurry, be happy”

Sun hat colour: Grey