Janod - Life At The Farm - Triangle Pyramid


This beautiful pyramid with 10 levels will help your baby discover the joy of stacking and building. It will also introduce babies aged 12 months and over to life on the farm, as it features happy cows, sheep, and chickens. The pyramid will make them work their fine motor skills as they stack the 10 lightweight triangles to make a tower! Once the pieces have been stacked and counted, babies can discover life on the farm with the beautiful illustrations on all 3 sides of each piece, and fire their imagination! The blocks are also numbered 1 to 10 to help baby put the animals in order from biggest to smallest. And then, of course, baby can knock it all down and start all over again!

Dimensions 13,5 x 11,7 x 88,6 cm (5,1 x 4,3 x 34,6")
Material(s) cardboard