Juice Bomb - Variety Pack of 6

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Introducing the Fizzorb™ Variety Pack – a carnival of flavors that takes you on a fantastic, fun-filled journey with every sip. This party pack contains six of our most popular Fizzorb™ Juice Bombs, each with its unique blend of flavors and sparkle. Perfect for children and adults alike, these Fizzorbs™ make any drink an unforgettable fizzy spectacle.

1. Orange Fizztastic™ – Bursting with the zest of juicy oranges, this Fizzorb™ morphs into a cool, sparkling orange drink, releasing edible gold glitter for a vibrant and sweet surprise.

2. Tropical Twist™ – An exhilarating blend of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut, this Fizzorb™ gives you a taste of a tropical paradise with a sparkle. Beloved by kids, it adds a dash of adventure to their day.

3. Peachy Blast™ – Packed with the tangy flavor of peaches, this Fizzorb™ turns into a fizzy, refreshing drink, sprinkling a shimmer of edible glitter for that extra wow factor.

4. Blue Raspberry™ – Loaded with the coolness of blue raspberries, this Fizzorb™ fizzes into a bright blue sparkling treat, throwing a party of twinkling edible glitter in your glass.

5. Strawberry Splash™ – Brimming with the sweetness of strawberries, this Fizzorb™ transforms into a bubbly, pink beverage, releasing a burst of dazzling edible glitter for a magical drinking experience.

6. Lemonade™ – Created with real lemons, this Fizzorb™ fizzes into a sparkling, refreshing lemonade, unleashing a shower of glitter for a sunshine-filled sip.

Drop these bombs into your drink and watch the magic unfold! The Fizzorb™ Variety Pack is a sweet, fizzy delight, bringing an explosion of flavors, fun, and sparkle to your ordinary day. Perfect for parties, get-togethers, or even just a little pick-me-up during your day. Embrace the Fizzorb™ adventure and let every drink be a celebration!