Lilliputiens - Baby Doll Carrier


Baby carrier from Lilliputiens

The cute Lilliputien's carrier for the baby doll is red and white striped, and on the back, the carrier is red with an allover print of foxes.

The Lilliputiens carrier is perfect when the child has to walk around and take his/her baby doll with him/her. The doll sits comfortably in the suspenders with the legs out of the leg openings, and the arms out of the red straps. The carrier has long, adjustable shoulder straps and a velcro closure at the chest which makes the carrier comfortable to wear.

Through role play, the child's imagination, emotions, language and social skills are stimulated.

The accessory fits the Lilliputiens dolls Lou and Noa of 36 cm.

NOTE: The doll is not included

Recommended age: +2 years