Perlim Pinpin - Plush blanket - Butterflies


You were waiting for it? Here it is! The cutest plush collection is back.

The large size of the plush blanket will be the perfect match for your child during his naps or riding in the stroller. So soft and so easy care, it will become the perfect ally to comfort baby in all circumstances. Designed in Canada, this blanket has won the hearts of parents season after season.

Fully adapted to our canadian weather, this blanket is ideal to warm up baby after a long day playing outside. Its butterflies print and its incredible softness makes it the most practical items to put on your registry list.

This cute print is also available in our sleep bag version

30’’ x 44’’

Wash before use. Machine wash cold water ( 30°). Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

100% polyester