Baby Shark Sound Book

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Enjoy our selection of ten delightful rhymes and melodies that will enchant your child.

Put a bright smile on your little ones faces with Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound Book!

1. Baby Shark

2. S-H-A-R-K

3. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Shark

4. Where Is Daddy Shark?

5. This Little Baby Shark

6. Move Like the Baby Shark

7. Shark ABC

8. Shark 123

9. Baby Shark on the Bus

10. Christmas Shark

Colorful Illustration and Peppy Music

Lovable Pinkfong characters on every page.
Our Sound book is filled with colorful illustrations.
Its matt, non-glaring pages are soft on the eyes while children are invited to touch, press and listen to our Sound books. Sing along to ten Baby Shark songs as the audio button plays the matching tune.

Children love Baby Shark and Baby Shark songs.
That's why our Baby Shark Sound Book will bring a time of pure fun wherever your child is!
As the audio buttons are pressed, ten magical Baby Shark songs will only put more smiles on your dearest.