Don't Call Me Bear!


Warren the Koala is many things ― but the one thing he is NOT is a bear!

Hello my name is Warren, and I've got something to share . . . Just because I'm furry doesn't mean that I'm a bear.

In this hilarious new book from Aaron Blabey, author of Thelma the Unicorn and The Bad Guys series, a koala captures the universal frustration of how it can feel to be misunderstood.

Warren, a grumpy koala, offers up compelling arguments for why he is NOT a bear. With visual aids and an agitated tone, he does his best to explain the error in some careless explorer's judgment years ago, and how that shouldn't affect the truth of the matter: koala's are NOT bears!

Much to the chagrin of this marsupial, public opinion does not appear to have been swayed.