Hugs - by Robert Munsch


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When Thea gets mad at mommy, she and her little brother go for a walk around the block.

They meet a snail, a skunk, a porcupine, and a gorilla, and get a hug from each one — but the hugs are slimy, smelly, pokey, and way too hard! It's not until they get back to mommy that Tate and Thea get a really good hug.

Following the success of the revised board book editions of Alligator Baby, We Share Everything!, and Up, Up, Down, Munsch and Martchenko have created their very first original book designed specifically for preschoolers!

This book was inspired by a brother and sister from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who Robert Munsch met while on a ski vacation.

On a skiing trip in Alberta in March of 2001, Robert Munsch got a story idea during breakfast. He did not have a kid for the story, but he knew the name of a girl in the dining room because she was behind him in the buffet line and he heard her mom say her name. So once he was done with the story, he went over to the family and told them what had happened.

They were happy to have Munsch tell the story to Thea and her little brother, Tate — and that is how they got to be the kids in the story.

This is Munsch's first book that was published as a board book first, although a lot of his books became board books after they were published as regular picture books.