Siliskin Straw Top Lids - Set/3 Lime/Yellow/Purple


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Give any cup a top

Stretch this universal silicone lid over (almost) any cup and make it spill-proof! Tops are available as straw tops or sippy tops. From silicone lids to spoons and cups, Silikids has got you covered!

Silikids offers an alternative to plastic and brings modern design to the forefront with unique silicone products for everyone.

Why parents love Silikids:

Fits over most cups

No matter plastic or glass, Silikids straw tops fit snugly over most cups.

Makes cups virtually spill proof

Silikids tops are perfect for babies learning to drink independently--no messes!

Durable, reusable, non-toxic silicone

Silikids products are made with reusable, safe, and recyclable silicone. Less waste!