100 Curious Things To Count


The world is full of wonderful things to count so let's get started! Count 100 things the Smithsonian way! Curious kids and their curious grown-ups will love discovering fascinating things from the Smithsonian and the natural world.. This amazing book contains 100 things to count - and they're all things that have been collected or studied by Smithsonian museums. Begin counting beautiful beetles and buttons, then count onward with animals, artwork, instruments, eggs, shells and feathers. At the end of the book, play a looking and thinking game together. Search back through the pages to find and count again!

EXPLORE: Explore nature, history and the arts!
LEARN: Learn fun facts and new vocabulary words
DISCOVER: Discover fascinating Smithsonian artifacts
SHINE: Curiosity helps kids Shine!

Smithsonian Kids books feature engaging educational content for little learners that reflect the integrity of the Smithsonian. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to support the Smithsonian's educational mission.

Count 100 things the Smithsonian way! Explore, Learn, Discover and Shine!
10 different categories to explore. Count 10 different objects on each category page with a matching photograph and word to help learn and match
Categories offer opportunities for questions and conversation and talking builds vocabulary and social skills
Wonder Facts through-out this book are just right for little experts who want to know more! Did you know there are more than 30,000 different kinds of scarab beetles? Or that some chickens lay eggs in colors of blue, green, pink and brown? Come discover more today!
Vivid real-life photographs and sturdy, thick pages
Perfect for Ages 3 - 7