Baby Book By Sara Midda


Create a marvelous keepsake of baby’s first year with Sara Midda’s Baby Book, filled with charming watercolors and unexpected touches.

In the Baby Book, artist Sara Midda celebrates the joys of babyhood by reinventing the traditional baby book as a delightfully practical album filled with unexpected touches. Here is baby growing, baby eating, baby playing, and baby posing—every page features an important theme and milestone in baby's life.

The pages, illustrated with beguiling watercolors, prompt parents to remember the small moments and milestones, from choosing a name to a baby's early visitors, a family tree, smiles and personality, sleeping habits, experiences with feeding, favorite books and toys, early words, excursions, and more, up through the baby's first birthday and the parents' hopes and dreams for their child.

There’s lots of room throughout the book for photos, plus miniature pasted-in envelopes to store photographs and other important papers, baby’s first tooth, and a lock of hair. The book is slipcased for gift-giving and safekeeping.