Lets Go! - On A Plane


Get ready to fly into the sky for an amazing adventure! Past a shiny moon and twinkling stars and a "Good day" from the pilot, you'll soon find out where you're going! There's no end to the excitement of this airplane ride.

"Let's go on an airplane, Up into the sky, Where buzzy bees and butterflies, Like to fly so high."

This fun, rhyming book for babies and toddlers is vibrantly illustrated and includes a diverse set of characters. With lots to spot and see on every page, this is a perfect introduction to transport for 0 to 3-year-olds. You'll want to read this book again and again!

"The books are written in rhyme and are great fun to read aloud. What particularly struck me was the lovely language and the inclusion of some pretty advanced vocabulary. It's so important for children to hear words like this from an early age."--getkidsintobooks

"This book will make a delightful accompaniment when little M finally takes his first real flight."--baby.m.reads

"We can all still dream of trips to come and this is a great book before bedtime to dream of flying away to exciting locations."--kids.books.we.love