PolarB - Mini Ice Cream Shop

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Stop by for some Ice Cream.

This ice cream cart toy includes colorful ice cream cones, ice lollies, lollipops, and utensils for a realistic ice-cream trolley experience! 

The ice cream ball can be matched at will: the ice cream scoop is attached with a magnet, which can attract the ice cream ball and put it on the cone

There is a  drawer on the back of the ice cream cart for storing coins

The pretend role play ice cream trolley allows children to experience the fun while playing, and also helps them to learn some basic knowledge of buying and selling. 

Different shapes and bright colors stimulate kids' curiosity and touch sense. The ice cream pretend play set toys will develop their imagination, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and social skills

Product Information

* Size 440 x 260 x 440mm

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