Walter The Farting Dog


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Meet Walter, a fine dog with flatulence. Despite his distinctive trait, he’s loved by his siblings Billy and Betty. But Father has had enough! On the brink of being sent to the dog pound, Walter’s unexpected asset turns into his superpower when burglars break in. With a heroic toot, he saves the day and earns his place in the family’s heart.

This hilarious tale for children ages 4-8 (and adults who aren’t afraid to laugh) features surreal illustrations by Audrey Colman and an absurdly comical storyline. Walter the Farting Dog is a timeless story about acceptance, love, and the incredible power of being oneself…farts and all.

Recommended by parents, librarians, and kids who know a thing or two about funny business, Walter the Farting Dog is more than just a book—it’s a shared memory, a giggle-inducing classic, and a beloved family treasure. Join Walter on his windy adventure, penned by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray, and discover why this book has captured hearts for over two decades. Embrace the laughter and share this delightful read with the whole family!