Where is Fuzzy Penguin

Search and feel your way through the South Pole to spot one very Fuzzy Penguin!


Who's that Fuzzy Penguin? She's happy as a seal. Can you spot her over there? Search and feel! There are many, many, many penguins in the South Pole, but there's only one Fuzzy! Can you spot her? Search and feel your way through the pages of this cute penguin story to see if you can either see or feel Fuzzy amidst all her penguin friends. Bright, eye-catching illustrations by Yayo Kawamura and clever flocking on every page — including the cover — gives multiple sensory clues on how little ones can uncover the one and only Fuzzy Penguin! A charming and unique take on a classic search-and-find story with a clever touch-and-feel element that's age-appropriate and just right for little ones ready to handle books on their own!